CIKE x EMAP // Face of the Universe

Tatsuru Arai, a Japanese composer and programmer who lives and works in Berlin, collaborated with the Košice artist Boris Vaitovič during September and October 2023.

Within the European Media Art Platform (EMAP) framework, they worked together to create the site-specific multi-genre artwork Face of the Universe. Flowers that coexist in cities are part of the history of an ecosystem born from the sun’s nuclear fusion energy and can be the face of the universe.

Both artists digitally documented the shapes of flowers in Košice and recreated them with the help of artificial intelligence. Through images and sounds, the creative duo comes up with a vision of an artwork that allows a better understanding of human perception and knowledge of the world and to feel part of the essence of the universe. The work also mediates communication between humans and artificial intelligence.

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council. Slovak Art Council is the main partner of the project.

The residence is co-funded by the Creative Europe EU. The residency of the artist Tatsuru Arai was established within the European Platform for New Media Art (EMAP), of which Creative Industry Košice is a member.

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