City Cracker – Your Local Guide to Košice

City Cracker is a work of love, crafted by local city makers and observers together with enthusiasts, photographers, and verbal tap dancers. Our tips are just the tip of an iceberg, don’t let us limit your curious mind. Go ahead and feed your interests well beyond what we highlight for you. What the city holds, one guide can never embrace wholly. Give Košice a shot.

A new way to meet the city – City Cracker is an authorial, brief and unconventional guide for your free time in Košice. It talks about the city’s peripheries, feel-good places, culture and bars, bizarre situations, a quick history of Košice or its Hungarian context. It is written for those proud of the city and those who want to crack its aura. 

This unconventional guide has emerged as a need to introduce the city through the eyes of the people who live here. It is precisely City Cracker, which brings the city from its nutshell so as to opens up opportunities for a far more intimate recognition. At the same time, the book tries to find a suitable and humorous solution to the emotion that a person can experience in the city. Although City Cracker certainly did not cover absolutely all the interesting places in Košice, it aims to draw its reader into the everyday life of the city as much as the local patriots know it.

You’ll find the City Cracker – Your Local Guide to Košice in these bookshops and venues Artforum KošiceArtforum PrešovMartinusPanta RheiRegionálny informačný bod | Košice Región Turizmus, PageFive, Visit Košice, Pogo Urban Cafe, Stanica Košice – PNSka, Raňajkáreň Rozprávka.

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foto: © Midfield Studio