Hedonistic September in Košice

As the summer is slowly coming to its end, an epicurean event month is waiting only for the chosen ones. Right here in the city of Košice hedonism gets a new dimension – September program of events proves that this is exactly the spot where one may enjoy oneself during the entire month. We’ve decided to select the best ones of them for our readers so as to get a closer picture where to and what to expect. Get excited for Tastes of Middle Ages, Košice Wine Festival, Black Day of specialty coffee and Street Food Festival. If you don’t know where to this month, this is the place. Don’t miss it. Come to Košice for your indulgence. And appreciate it to the fullest.

Tastes of Middle Ages – Castle Spoon II.: 1/9/2018

We’ll take pleasure in the meal of our long-gone ancestors once again during the II. year of Castle Spoon Festival. Taking place on the premises of Cassovia Castle, or Castle of Košice, it will open its gates to all of those ready to present period recipes – some of them might actually be more than 500 years old. The event is for everyone willing to try and taste something from the past and learn about its preparation. Contestants will need to use period ingredients and prove the recipe’s authenticity via documentation.

Košice Wine Festival: 6 – 8/9/2018

Ancient winery traditions awakened in the form of Košice Wine Festival. Wine tasting competitions, folk-clothed staff and relaxing atmosphere boosting the archaeological spot of Dolná brána and complemented by some more at Katova bašta and Rodošto. Tasting till early morning in locals bars, cellars and all the other activities are what defines Košice during the Wine Festival as the gate entrance into the wine region of Tokaj.

Street Food Festival: 14 – 16/9/2018

After successful attendance at previous occasions, there comes its fifth volume devoted to street style meals – Street Food Festival fans will again get a chance to submerge into various delicacies from Slovak, Czech and Polish chefs. The diversity of sweet, salty, carnivore, vegetarian, traditional or exotic flavours will swamp through your taste buds. Don’t hesitate to order from traditional burgers, Belgian fries, hot dogs, Tibetan pierogi, Japanese soups, Mexican cuisine, falafel, kofta, waffles, zapiekanki and more.

Black Day Warmup: 22/9/2018

The aim of Black Day warmup is to bring specialty coffee closer to a local audience of Košice and to show the alternative methods of its preparation. Black Day won’t encompass only that, though – it’ll illustrate how gradually widening coffee lovers community has spread throughout the city. Plenty of cuppings, workshops, lectures and discussions will set the mood for its participants. The warmup should somehow serve as the pre-main event taking place two weeks later. Only then will the whole city completely dive into specialty coffee magic at numerous spots of Košice.

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Pictures & texts provided by Visit Košice, Castellum Cassovia, Čierny deň, Kino Úsmev, Dávid Hanko. Open access image download – Jan Steen: The Dancing Couple, National Gallery of Art | NGA Pictures.

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