KERE – Local streetwear brand from Košice

Those evenings spent with friends, nightlife of the city, bench sitting, talks about what can and could be achieved. Freedom in the air. We all know it. Words said and gone by the end of the day. It doesn’t happen like that all the time, though. Group of guys from Košice came up with a unique design for their own streetwear brand. The inspiration was the city they lived in itself. Targeting their acquaintances, people similar to them. And maybe someone else later on.

Košice Represent, read KERE, was formed by friends around Matej Belica and Tomáš Slebodník. These guys owned a skate shop and wanted to promote it a bit. So they worked out something completely new. KERE, the brand of their city. Tradition and urban style interconnected. The coat-of-arms, cathedral or Main street have gotten a completely new visual thanks to them. But the design escalated successfully. People liked it and a whole community formed around. Moreover, KERE has pushed the local patriotism even further. Now, their own material providers and sewers work with them so as to manufacture most of their products within the borders of the country. Made in Slovakia. To stand as a proud local patriot has gained a whole different level due to KERE’s production.

Charmed by this original design? Come and stay at The Invisible Hotel and get a free gift by KERE. And explore some more what these guys and the city offer.

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