Košice cultural centres will host a revolutionary festival on Language & communication – Art & Tech Days

If you haven’t heard about Art & Tech Days 2019 yet, no worries. This year it will take place for 6 days in November occurring in several places within Košice. It’s a chance for a cultural and intellectual dose of emotions and knowledge for all ages, either professionally skilled or from diverse sectors and disciplines. Art & Tech Days 2019 is a unique format with this year’s topic on Language and communication – Beyond Words, which offers a wide range of the off-program with workshops, concerts, exhibitions, dance performances and, mostly, its central event – Art & Tech Conference, featuring speakers from the whole world. 2019 will dive into the possibilities of communication between people, people and robots, or robots between each other. Experts from world-recognized companies such as Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc., IDEO, School of Improvisation or WRO. The following article provides a brief outline of events you should not miss:

ERNEST – Emotionally aware AI / Tabačka Kulturfabrik : 11/19/2019, 7 PM / exhibition

Have you heard of an apparatus that measures human happiness? On the third Tuesday in November and the first day of the festival Art & Tech Days 2019 you’ll get a unique opportunity to meet ERNEST – an emotionally aware artificial intelligence, a computer, that intends to understand human emotions and their expressions on the face. According to these it can form and select the content we want to repeat these expressions for. Can the face detection, however, become misused for something else than the Happiness Model™? Discuss the answer together during the exhibition.

Marc Vilanova / Synagogue at Zvonárska St : 11/19/2019 – 11/22/2019 / exhibition

A Spanish artist Marc Vilanova is currently working on his artworks during a residential programme by K.A.I.R. in Košice. He implements features of new media into art installations based on the use of technologies playing with the light and sound. Marc intensely worked with the principle of ultrasound frequency during his residence. The result of his work will be displayed in a charming interior of the historic synagogue on Zvonárska St.

Art & Tech Conference / Kasárne/Kulturpark : 11/21/2019, 9 AM / conference

The most important and top event of the whole festival is the conference Art & Tech Conf. It will host numerous famous speakers from around the world starting from the U.S. to Poland. Their talks will focus on this year’s topic Language and communication – Beyond Words in the context of art & technology. Meet Michael Spranger from Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. who is developing how AI could be introduced into the art of cooking. Lukáš Venclík and Jiří Charvát from the School of Improvisation will also change your mindset in terms of their communication skills. The whole conference provides a way how to create cooperations between sectors which seem different at first yet may show sources of new inspiration for anyone curious to learn more. Be one of those who walk against the wind.

Simultaneous translation into Slovak & English will be provided throughout the event.

PRIMORDIAL / Kunsthalle Košice : 11/21/2019, 8 PM / audiovisual concert

Danish performers Bjørn Svin and Carl Emil Carlsen are coming to town as duo Silicium. While Carl implements virtual simulations into the physical environment, Bjørn composes rhythmical electronic music. Their PRIMORDIAL will blast Košice Kunsthalle right after the central event – Art & Tech Conf as an audiovisual experience you won’t be able to get out of your head for a while.

Physicality in Virtual Spaces / Kasárne/Kulturpark : 11/21/2019, 2 PM / movement workshop

Ever wondered what it would be like to see yourself projected via artificial intelligence? And what about to create a movement which is transited into virtual space? Discover your abilities from a completely different point of view and explore the limits of physical expression. The workshop Physicality in Virtual Spaces will be led by an independent artist Mária Júdová who inserts technologies into dance.

The tickets for Art & Tech Days 2019 – Beyond Words are still being sold. The speakers and performers from around the world are coming to Košice to explain and introduce you to the innovative disciplines they work in. Join us this year – the festival is for anyone who wants to learn more about new forms for ideas and inspiration. The tickets available here.

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