Local Nomad – Customize your trip with Igor Kupec

One-day trips from Košice – meet Local Nomad. To be more precise, meet Igor Kupec, a graphic designer and tourist guide at the same time. The whole project popped up in his head during winter while working on his laptop. Some outdoor job was what he needed and some exercise, too. Why not make a regular profession out of that? That’s what Igor said and got to work. Local Nomad now offers more than interesting trips to historical sights, nature or other cool activities. Everything with a starting point Košice. Covering the whole East Slovak area. Your own tour guide and customized trip according to your preferences are definitely one of the best ways how to enjoy the city of Košice!

Enjoy unforgettable moments in this town with your Welcome Pack full of free tickets and products by The Invisible Hotel. 5 design rooms according to the theme embedded within the history of Košice. Check them out now.

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