Martin Lukáč now exclusively in VUNU Gallery

The Invisible Hotel is now proudly broadening the Welcome Pack offer so as to thoroughly delight its guests. Not only does it provide tickets to over 100 years old museums and galleries – The Invisible Hotel gives space for young emerging artists and their exhibitions as well. VUNU Gallery is now officially one such feature where one might discover other forms of art hidden inside the historical corner of the city. 

Martin Lukáč (1989) is a Slovak artist currently living in Prague. His relation to Košice appeared first when studying at Faculty of Arts at Technical University of Košice during years 2009 – 2013. He pursued his studies further in Prague and Leipzig while receiving numerous awards for his artwork such as Critics’ choice for young painting award (2016). His pieces are now desired in many countries. Martin’s paintings are typical for their untamed vividness and constant search of an expressive authorial gesture, all of that with the satirical background frequently related to figural motifs. The exposition Deposit of Signs came to existence also thanks to cooperation with a curator Peter Megyeši.

You’ll find Martin’s artwork also on his Instagram.

Eastern Slovak art & production team of 4 members fuses into what has been known in Košice as VUNU. Opening an own gallery definitely resembles their highest success on 20 Hlavná Street, right in the middle of the historical Košice center.

VUNU Gallery has grown into an acknowledged spot of young visual art meetings and makes space not only for expositions yet discussions, music, and literature performances as well. One of VUNU’s side projects is the off programme participation for Art & Tech days festival taking place this November and the organization of an audiovisual DAAVS festival. Design and counseling oriented commercial activities are operated by VUNU Studio brand.

Check out the latest exhibition Deposit of Signs by Martin Lukáč who stayed in the Košice Modernism room. Dive into his alternative art.

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