Move & dance your way through March

We regularly bring ideas for an interesting monthly program not only for the local audience but also for the tourists. In that way, we’d like to promote Košice as an fascinating city to visit. This March is dedicated to highlighting events which will secure natural suppression of spring fatigue. Every age category may enjoy dance creations and other sports work-outs – this article recommends you 5 events where a quicker heartbeat will put the endorphins into your veins. We listed them according to the date:

Training run – Jazero / Active Life : 3/5/2019

Have you ever run in a group around a lake at night? Join us on Tuesday, March 5 and discover Košice outside its centres. Active Life is already a well-known name in cross-city running circles – commonly organized runs use multiple paths or routes within Košice. The exercise is also suitable for less experienced runners, as emphasized by the organizers and does not always aspire for not greater speed or performance. What’s important is the cool time spent with the crowd of people who run together around different neighbourhoods. Is there a better way how to combine good training and joy in the middle of a workweek?

Roztoč to! / Yoga / Tabačka Kulturfabrik: every Tuesday & Thursday (not only in March)

Do you need to ease the tempo, breathe, perceive and let the energy flow through your body? Master the asana principles with the calming voice of an instructor who’ll take you on a stroll with an hourly concentration on individual limbs, torso and the head. These lessons are also suitable for beginners who might be reserved to yoga classes – the correct guidelines of the teacher will help you concentrate and understand the postures that may appear seemingly challenging but manageable just during the second date. Yoga classes will be held in Tabačka, Black Box room, where you can enjoy an alternative program in the form of a concert or other cultural event right after. Even ordinary socialization with a drink wouldn’t hurt.

Rock Climbing Course / Rozlomity Climbing Wall: every Thursday

Still in doubt how to properly bind a double knot? Or you don’t know it at all? The increasing number of climbing walls in the city inspires us to improve in boulder art. Rozlomity repeatedly organizes a 9-week course where you can learn the right grasps and find out what your body can really do. We guarantee you will (not) feel a muscle on your body the next day. The hall here goes up to 10 meters height and provides over 80 separate climbing routes. Boulder wall space contains approximately 2000 hits on an area of ​​280 square meters. Well, that’s some sort of challenge, don’t you think?

Bachata course for beginners January-March 2019 / Ekolor: 12., 19. 3. 2019

The only sport for you is the idea of ​​authentic dance from the Dominican Republic? Right now, you have an unbeatable opportunity to sign up for a bachata course with other beginners and let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of one of the most popular club dances in the world. A professional pair of Peter Ruman and Alexandra Vargová, numerously awarded bachata and salsa dancers on both local and international level, will lead the course and prove that their affection and love for South American dance in Košice has been gaining rising interest. The couple dances together since 2011.

Liquid body, play-fight and anatomy of emotions / VAWA Center: 24 March 2019

Last but not least, if you want to try out something really unique, straightforward, metaphysical, you definitely do not want to miss this workshop: enhancement of personal power through reaction to movement. Nonviolence, personal boundaries, relaxation in confrontation, self-knowledge. Play-Fight intends to practice inner peace and balance through the exercise. It’s hard to describe it with words. Find out more at the VAWA Center. That is referred to as the centre of healthy unity and harmony with space for various courses, lectures and workshops. They connect new and traditional forms of physical education and make entertaining. Stop by and spend your time in the VAWA Balance Center.

If you are interested in our March movement challenge and you’d like to travel to Košice, do not hesitate and choose the alternative way of tourist accommodation à la “city on the back of your palm”. The hidden stories will be introduced to you via the concept of The Invisible Hotel – a hotel unable to be found on the map. And you have a lot of free things there, too. 
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Photos: Tabačka Kulturfabrik, Peter & Sasa Bachata Slovakia, Martin Ďuriš, Active Life.

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