The Invisible Hotel

The Invisible Mag and The Invisible Hotel brand are obviously interconnected through the same name. The most important what unites them both is, however, the effort to show and offer the city from a different, unknown angle. These are the stories making the invisible visible. Thus, The Invisible Mag captures interesting interviews with inspiring people, representing Košice, moving it forward. The Invisible Hotel, on the other hand, keeps the hidden stories inside its rooms.

Why invisible?

It is a category of its own kind. A hotel which does not exist on any map. And a hotel which transcends behind the walls of its partner hotels. The Invisible Hotel chooses the best the city has to offer. It is based on the idea of the city itself as a hotel. Invisible, but ever-present.

The hotel is not situated in one spot. The hotel is the city.

5 creative rooms, 5 invisible stories

The Invisible Hotel provides 5 rooms. Every each of them is placed inside one of our partner hotels and offers a pretty personal story of the city talked through the voice of local artists, architects, designers. By staying in every one of them, our visitor becomes a part of the story, interacts with the local environment and if he/she wishes, can change the course of the story’s plot.

Košice Modernism

Košice Modernism is a unique moment in the history of art and our city. The Invisible Hotel presents this phenomenon inside a very private gallery. The authors of the rooms, Pavol Wohlfart and Rastislav Jurčík, have reached behind their usual architectural styles – to become curators for a while. Zánik planéty (The End of the Planet) by Anton Jasusch has been inserted in the wall of this hotel room right at Hotel Ambassador on Hlavná St.

The Urban Flashbacks

This room is designed according to street art lovers’ needs or those who favour the vibrant city lifestyle. Its authors, Viktor Féher and Martin Kiman, are responsible for creating one of the largest mural galleries in Europe – right here in Košice neighbourhoods. A small but attractive piece has been displayed in this room’s interior. Not far from one of the murals, Hotel Roca hosts another of the designed rooms by The Invisible Hotel.

Golden Treasure

The largest golden treasure trove in Slovakia – Košice golden treasure is considered the richest discovery of golden coins in Slovakia. The architect responsible for numerous significant buildings in the city, Štefan Pacák devoted the whole room design according to this discovery. A room/a private vault is situated in the city centre deep inside Hotel Zlatý Dukát.

Black & White Room

Roman Juhás and Martin Kossuth, the young Košice designers, chose the unmistakable theme of Czechoslovak movie tradition. Our guest is, therefore, able to experience the film noir atmosphere since only shades of black, grey and white are used inside the room. You’ll find this one in the Hotel Centrum.

Media Art Room

The newest of all, this interactive room celebrates the progressive media art scene of Košice.  The name is a direct legacy of Košice – UNESCO City of Media Arts and invites you to embark upon a journey of new media art forms. Enter the parallel reality mode. Discover a new perspective and be the only one who sees the invisible side of the city. The room is situated in the Hotel Yasmin.

Every room represents a different personal story of the city.

The Welcome Pack

Our partners are a key part of the Invisible Hotel. They complement the unique concept of the hotel and showcase the truly local products and services. And only you get a chance to know them immediately for free, right through the exclusive Welcome Pack.

Open it up and taste the local craftsmanship, feel the natural cosmetics, or make your day worthwhile with free tickets to the cinema, the museum or the art gallery.

This selection of experiences and tastes will slowly uncover the invisible face of the city. The Welcome Pack is also our way to present people and their unique work, to support the local market and to create an even better and non-standard experience for our guests.

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