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Since its very foundation, Creative Industry Košice (CIKE) has been focusing on city development by supporting the creative potential of its people. One of the forms of building such awareness has become the online magazine The Invisible Mag dedicated to portraying the city of Košice and its interesting individuals.

The theme of our online magazine is also to present non-commercial art from the fields of theatre, literature, dance, visual arts and other. We make interviews on academic and more popular topics so as to bring our articles closer to the wider public. The variety of these genres creates an overall content balance for the reader and allows us to constantly expand our audience and the choice of topics. In other words, our priority is to make articles so that their content and format may attract an expert or a less demanding reader. In that way, we intend to spread the general cultural or artistic awareness of Košice and Slovakia.
The Invisible Mag has been trying to uncover the less known, hidden or ‘invisible’ features of Košice and Slovakia which can become attractive to local or foreign readers.

On behalf of the whole Creative Industry Košice and editors from The Invisible Mag team, we’d like to thank all the readers who spent some time with the articles we’d posted. This year has brought about an infinite amount of unforgettable meetings and resonating talks for us.

We searched for invisible spots according to people and personalities who know the city more than enough. We shot videos about a movie studio which later started to provide video production for the magazine. We prepared a programme based on an interesting topic within a month period. We sneaked into secret premises of famous galleries and walked around the town with a local guide. The creative guys confessed their keys to success to us and we asked for secrets inside the very healthy restaurants of Košice and got answers from their devoted chefs. We rode Dutch bikes in the downtown and stared at well-skilled trail cycling in the forest. Hand-made soaps, coffee shops, fashion blogs, hidden terraces, arthouse cinema, streetwear & street art, holy roundabouts around churches, synagogues and chapels combined with some more serious readings on artificial intelligence, moral dilemmas or media art. All of that and more within one single year.

We are grateful for all the references, comments, shares or criticism we received and thanks to which we aspire to move forward in the future. We wish dreams coming true, infinite zeal and inspiring meetings to all of our fans and readers in the next year. Worth-reading articles are on us. You can bet on that.

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