VKV – Eternal wind of Košice

Have you heard of the wind in Košice? You’d better count on it when coming to town. And what exactly is VKV (described as sudden strong wind)? Košice used to stand in the middle of a corridor (a really long time ago). Now it’s known as Košice corridor. Two sides of the city would be protected against an enemy by surrounding hills. Nearby mountain closed the city from the east and the west side, though. That’s how the natural air passage was brought into life. Since the weather changes often, there are ideal conditions for wind in Košice. The strength comes from the north, drives it through the city centre, its narrow streets, it expands and continues in the southern part. So whenever you’re brought down to your knees – beware, you’re standing in its way! The best way is to hide: into a bar, gallery or a cinema. And maybe that’s where you’ll understand what VKV really means.

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