Welcome Pack – cultural experience and free tickets uncover the local side of Košice

You will find many guides for Košice telling you about the Main Street (Hlavná) packed with historical monuments, architectural gems and cafes with terraces. However, there is a lot more to the city – a cultural experience curated for you by The Invisible Hotel. Free tickets to local venues are included, of course – you’ll find them waiting in your room!

Revive the history at The East Slovak Museum

The guardian angel of the history – this 150-year-old museum has exhibitions spread across numerous places in Košice. Budova divízie is devoted to the typical elements of art, history and nature of Slovakia. Learn about the city’s history in the Mikušova väznica or visit the executor’s house. Katova bašta zooms into the life and death of the Austro-Hungarian nobleman František II. Rákoczi and portrays the reproduction of his exile house from Turkey. The interior of the Dom remesiel showcases the traditional crafts meanwhile its exterior uncovers the remains from the historical water trench. Among the museum’s finest perks is the precious collection of gold ducats, the famed Košice Golden Treasure. See it for yourself in the main building of the museum.

It’s good to start a tour at the Main Building at Námestie Maratónu mieru 2 and continue as follows:
Budova divízie at Hviezdoslavova 3
Dom remesiel at Hrnčiarska 9/A
Miklušova väznica at Pri Miklušovej väznici 10
Katova bašta at Hrnčiarska 7

Explore the art scene at The East Slovak Gallery

This oldest regional gallery in Slovakia belongs to one of the most important ones in our country. With the vast collection of over 7,000 art pieces, The East Slovak Gallery holds the crown of the art scene of Košice. Exhibited paintings and objects are dated starting from the 15th century up to contemporary times, yet special space is dedicated to the modernism historical era. This artistic phenomenon emerged in the 20th century and The Invisible Hotel devoted one whole room in the historical centre of Košice so as to bring the modernism experience as close to you as it can get. Dive into the gallery’s universe. Uncover what’s hidden behind the walls of its palace, right in the heart of the city. Smoothly accessible.

Hlavná 27, Košice
Alžbetina 22, Košice

Taste the culture in Kasárne/Kulturpark

Following the legacy as European Capital of Culture 2013, Košice thrives with dance, theatre performances, concerts, stand-ups, festivals, expos, fashion shows, conferences, workshops and a lot more. Everything and anything you might imagine connected to the infrastructure in the city of Košice is encompassed in thirteen cultural spots on the run for the pursuit of a greater cultural, creative and artistic vision of the city. K13 fills the space of the largest network of cultural centres in Košice which carefully orient their programme of multi-genre nature. Košice’s Kunsthalle, Kasárne/Kulturpark, Amphitheater and Eight Exchangers/Spots. Check out the programme offers at Delta pavilion at the entrance to Kulturpark.

Kukučínova 2

Tone into the city’s rhythm at Košice State Philharmonic

Where to get your ears pierced with the loveliest melody? Košice State Philharmonic embellishes the sound feature of the city. Why not spend an evening inside The Palace of Art – a former synagogue listening to the harmony itself? Alone, on a date, in a group of friends or family – don’t forget the music is all we got. And in Košice, we know that very well. Therefore, our top sound recommendation emanates from something one cannot grasp, just inhales with one of the strongest senses – the ear-sight. Experience the night with a professional symphonic orchestra. All the works from Baroque to contemporary music within your reach.

The Palace of Arts at Moyzesova 66, Košice

Share your cinematic experience at Kino Úsmev

An art-house movie experience you cannot get anywhere else than in Kino Úsmev. Its name literally translates into Cinema Smile. One of the oldest in town, it reflects the local vibe of all Košice’s patriots. A retro bar, post-70s interior design, epic old-time theatre, summer ciné and a vast terrace attracts the unceasingly growing number of visitors. Stop by at Kino Úsmev and don’t miss one of the most distinctive features of the city – the locals. Get into the theatre where time stopped and the modern didn’t overcome the glamour of the old-fashioned.

Kasárenské námestie 1

Creative design rooms of The Invisible Hotel await your booking. Discover local stories hidden inside your customized Welcome Pack which offers not only free tickets but also products of local craftsmen.

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