Learn with workshops in Košice this February

The shortest month in the year gives us the opportunity to accomplish the long-planned projects and resolutions that we set at the beginning of the year. This February definitely impresses with its wide selection of discussions, workshops, and lectures on craft, study or movement topics. Learn something new. Something you haven’t tried before. Check out this monthly guide for acquiring new skills in 2019 only in Košice:

LEAF Day in Košice / Ján Bocatius Public Library : 5. 2. 2019

The well-known LEAF brand is coming to the city for those keen to expand their horizons. On the premises of the Ján Bocatius Public Library, a specially adapted program will be prepared for primary and secondary school pupils as well as for teachers: 5 hours devoted to design thinking, self-reflection, solutions, and practices in the student-teacher sphere will bring approaches for transforming creative ideas into functional schemes.

Clay workshop based on Four Elements / Wuppertal Spot: 7. 2. 2019, 21. 2. 2019

A clay workshop dedicated to all age and gender categories. A series of these craft sessions have been repeating since September for lovers of custom-made products. The energetic teacher Ester will take care of the meeting using her enthusiasm for sharing the concept of spiritual education. It employs the idea of four elements and ancient symbols applicable to the design or motif of the work. You no longer have to spend your Thursday evenings at home.

Creative Labyrinth – Family Program / VSG: 10. 2. 2019

The East Slovak Gallery surprises with the extensive range of artistic and educational activities for citizens and tourists in Košice under the label Creative Labyrinth. They organize, for example, neat lectures for seniors, experimental workshops or VSG mini for the youngest and their parents. On the tenth day of the month, families can learn a little more about statues and objects in relation to social aspects. Join a workshop and produce an installation in relation to the art piece of the local artist Radovan Čerevka together.

Linda Hop Course for Beginners / Tabačka Kulturfabrik: 13., 20., 27. 2. 2019

Swing. One single word opening gates to the joy of movement and dance figures of the ’30s and ’40s. Get to know new people who want a change and opt for the choreography of music that invites everyone. The Black Box in Tabačka Kulturfabrik will turn into a ballroom on a command of the first track, where no restriction or shambles have space. February’s Wednesdays will ring in a tune-up rhythm just for the swing beginners. There’s no need to have a partner for the course.

BylinKE | Discussions and Workshops with Monika / Wuppertal Exchanger: 21. 2. 2019

Herbal workshop organized by Exchangers on natural cosmetics and its home production. On this day, you’ll learn how to replace daily used formulations containing various chemical preservatives or other harmful substances by your home ingredients. You will find out how to care for your skin and hair with the right essential oils and discover the magic behind oil pulling technique. The participation fee also includes the raffle prize.

Evening Studio in VSG / VSG: 25. 2. 2019

What about learning to draw and some painting techniques and procedures for relaxing at home or your work? VSG is surprising with the wide choice of possibilities on how to use creative potential in all its possible categories. If you’ve always wanted to paint under professional supervision, Mgr. art. Miroslav Fek will advise you according to the genres of still life, figural drawing, or capture live matter. The course starts at the end of February and will continue until June, which makes a total of 16 meetings with the final exhibition of your work in the gallery.

Workshop Styling / ROVAS Academy – Fashion Evening School: 15. 2. 2019

Are you interested in styling photography? During the three-day evening fashion workshop, you’ll study the production and postproduction of a photo with a model. This may go straight to your portfolio afterwards. A customized fashion week concept can also be designed and developed directly at the workshop.

Motivated for something new due to the summary of previous events? Do not hesitate and take part in February’s workshops in Košice. And if you do not have a chance where to rest your head, use the unique accommodation at The Invisible Hotel where free gifts are waiting for everyone.

Photo: SPOTs, VSG, Kulturfabrik, LEAF Day.

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