SPOLKA – Critical urbanism

Spolka is a civic association formed by four girlfriends –  sociologists and architects whose aim is to work on developing democratic tendencies when it comes to public space. The ever-present lack of humanity in the public environment makes them care for the future development of their city. Zuzana Révészová, one of Spolka founders, also works on a project CCSC – Creative Cultural Spaces and Cities in Creative Industry Košice where she finds interconnections between both. The task of CCSC is to find a way of creating a better place for city residents. Zuzana emphasizes the importance of cooperativeness and collective discussion when new changes are about to be enacted. Consequently, life conditions could slowly move closer to the living standard where the strongest efforts lead once again to people and their welfare.

As The Invisible Hotel guest, you can get to know the city from the local’s point of view. Come for your free Welcome Pack and continue unrevealing.

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