Street Art Communication & Open Mural Gallery from Košice

The greatest. From its cellar windows to roof edges. The altitude equals several storeys. Mural, a huge painting stretching across the whole wall. Especially outdoors. There are loads of them in the city and they significantly change its character. Abstract layouts, creatures or figural sketches. Various motifs have covered otherwise boring and one-colored walls. But you may not notice them everywhere. Sometimes a green plant layer takes over and flora hides almost all of such an artsy piece. Or sometimes these oeuvres interconnect with the adjacent building and the whole mural becomes overlooked. But when one knows where to look – or is just plain lucky, one encounters a monumental dough of shapes and colors. And then there comes the unavoidable question: why aren’t murals everywhere?

Street Art Communication is an association and festival as well. It all started back in 2008 and the group around Viktor Fehér has helped to transform grey city areas into street art paintings. The festival has been growing ever since. The year 2011 moved it also into the heart of the historical center and so several cult art pieces were produced and survived up till now. After this, everything has changed and OMGOpen Mural Gallery was founded. The greatest gallery of Slovak and Czech Republic. 28 artworks by worldwide known muralists spreading across the whole city. You can see them during the whole year, even on Mondays. Closed galleries are so passé.

Interested in street art? The Invisible Hotel‘s got a hand-painted room Urban Flashbacks only for you. Or there’s also an option of The Invisible Experience – a tour of Košice murals and stories behind each one of them. Get to know more at and find out more about legal graffiti.

photo: Dávid Hanko

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